Aluminium pipes are corrosion resistant and hard wearing. You can expect many years of service out of portable aluminium pipes.

Couplings and fittings with rubber seals allow the pipes to be easily un-coupled, moved and re-coupled for easy portability under field conditions.

Their light weight and rigidity makes carrying from one setting to the next easy, particularly with the bigger diameters (such as 4 inch and 6 inch) required to irrigate larger areas.

We manufacture a wide range of fittings and accessories for portable aluminium pipes from 2 inch up to 6 inch, and can fabricate almost any fitting or junction to suit the particular requirements of your irrigation system.

Reconditioned Aluminium Pipes and Repairs

Since they can be welded using an inert gas shielded arc, portable aluminium pipes are fully repairable.
We have both MIG and TIG welding plants, together with new couplings cast in our own foundry, making us fully equiped to professionally recondition and repair your aluminium pipes and fittings. All repaired pipes are pressure tested prior to dispatch, ensuring that they go into your field 100% ready to operate without any defectes.

Aluminium pipes should not be welded using Oxy-Acetylene gas welding or brazing, as aside from the weld generally being poor quality, the heat and open flame causes the aluminium to oxidise and loose it's tensile stregth.

Rubber Seals

Rubber lip seals in the couplings and fittings allow pipes to be easily un-coupled, moved and re-coupled for easy portability in the field with minimum leakage of water.

Worn or damaged seals which allow water to leak out cause a loss of pressure in the system leading to inefficient operation, excessive energy consumption by the pump and unnecessary waste of water; it is imperative that good quality seals be fitted to all pipes and fittings and regularly checked for wear.

We manufacture high quality seals from both vulcanised natural-rubber, for exceptionally long life, and injection moulded synthetic elastomers, for a more economic yet fully functional alternative.

Galvanised Steel Clamps & Hooks

As a part of the quick release coupling mechanism, it is vital that good quality clamps and hooks be fiited on all pipes, as a failure of clamp or hook during irrigation could cause pipes to uncouple.

We fabricate galvanised steel clamps and hooks for use on aluminium pipes from 3" up to 6" as well as on 1" sprinkler riser pipes.

Though at a higer initial cost than their aluminium counterparts, these are by far stronger and the gavanised plating prevents the steel from rusting; it is highly unlikely that they will ever fail under normal field operation, meaning that their long term cost is in fact far lower than the aluminium ones as these will likely never need replacement.