Nylon Sprinkler

The hard wearing impact sprinkler for agricultural and horticultural irrigation. Designed and engineered for the world's toughest environments.

Exceeding the durability of bronze impact sprinklers and other plastic sprinklers, the Plowcon Impact Sprinkler has undergone a rigorous materials selection process to ensure the most suitable material has been specified for each individual component and it's particular function, it is super tough, U.V. resistant and unlike most plastic sprinklers, will not snap when mistreated. It is built for maximum service life.

Advanced Features

Extreme durability is a major feature of our Sprinkler which is why materials selection throughout the design of this impact sprinkler has been based on the suitability of the material for the function it fulfills.

From the Bell Mouth Inlet to the tip of the Nozzle, great care has been taken to ensure the smoothest possible water flow throughout the sprinkler, reducing turbulance, assisting laminar flow of water, making discharge through the nozzle more accurate and efficient.

Nozzle Design

The Plowcon Sprinkler can provide irrigation throughout the life of the crop, performing the function of larger and smaller sprinklers, by simply changing the nozzle insert in your sprinkler according to your precipitation rate requirement.

Inserts are secured into the sprinkler body by the threaded nozzle body. Tapered nozzle seat means no water leaks.

Size Colour Discharge @ 2,5bar Discharge @ 3,5bar
2,75mm Yellow 500 litres / hour 600 litres / hour
3,5mm Orange 707 litres / hour 832 litres / hour
4,0mm White 995 litres / hour 1179 litres / hour
4,5mm Blue 1200 litres / hour 1418 litres / hour
5,0mm Green 1518 litres / hour 1799 litres / hour
5,5mm Black 1805 litres / hour 2135 litres / hour

A six vane nozzle flow straightner incorporating a one-piece design of vanes, tapered transition phase, anti-turbulent section, and finally, the nozzle metering size.

Replacable Components

The core design philosophy of the Plowcon Sprinkler is long service life and ease of maintenance.

Unlike other plastic sprinklers, the Plowcon Sprinkler is designed for long service life, which is why every single component is replaceable. For a fraction of the cost of a new sprinkler you can achieve consistently high performance in irrigating your crops.

Adjustable Rotation Speed

The ideal rotation speed of the sprinkler is 1 Revolution Per Minute with 60 arm beats per minute. This provides the crop with a consistent water supply. Excessive rotational speed reduces the distance of throw and the wetted diameter. Unnecessary arm beats lead to wear on the sprinkler arm and body and shorten sprinkler life.

Tighter spring tension increases the number of beats per minute and speed of rotation.

To adjust the spring tension:
(1) Clip the 'Castle' downwards, to disengage teeth.
(2) Rotate by one tooth to tighten or slacken the spring tension.
(3) Clip the 'Castle' back up into working position.

Reduced Theft Appeal

The Plowcon Nylon Sprinkler has an additional benefit over bronze sprinklers, as it has no 'melt down' value, greatly reducing theft appeal.

We recommend using our injection moulded reducing sockets

Our socket is designed to complement our Nylon Impact Sprinkler. It connects the Sprinkler to the standpipe ensuring easy, effective installation and no water leakage.

The Sprinkler Socket is specifically designed to ensure the sprinkler spindle does not foul the sides of the socket. The design allows space for the spindle to rotate unhindered and the sprinkler to work freely.

The flat top sealing surface of the socket provides superb sealing capabilities against the Base Nut Washer of the Sprinkler, ensuring no leaks occur.

Dedication to the Irrigation Industry.

Introduced in 1992 after years of development and with continuous improvement using leading technology, to say this impact sprinkler has been a commercial development programme would be to underestimate it's value.
This is a dedication to the irrigation industry, where old fashioned pride in one's work and a life time of expertise combine to produce a superior product. It has been finely tuned, perfected and tested, to achieve the ultimate impact sprinkler on the world market designed for the end user.