PerfoRain Spray

The simplest solution for germinating seedlings, delivering a uniform distribution of water with a very small droplet size.

The Perforain Spray is a simple, low cost yet effective irrigation system, delivering a uniform distribution of water with a very small droplet size - ideal for germinating seedlings where the bigger droplets from conventional overhead irrigation risk compacting the soil before the shoot can break through or damaging the the delicate leaves of a new seedling.

We manufacture 4 sizes of PerfoRain. All four require the same pressure and have the same discharge, spray width, and precipitation rate, the major difference is the total length that can be achieved by joining pipes together.

At the optimal operating pressure of 2,5 bar each metre of spray discharges 200 litres per hour.

The spray covers a width of about 4 metres each side giving a total width of about 8 metres, the spray is moved across by 4 or 5 metres (depending on width of beds) after each application, giving an alomst 100% overlap which ensures maximum uniformity.

Diameter Pipe Length Max number of pipes Total Maximum length Area Covered Total discharge
22mm 5 metre 1 piece 5 metres 20 square metres 1000 litres / hour
25mm 5 metre 5 pieces 25 metres 100 square metres 5,000 litres / hour
32mm 5 metre 7 pieces 35 metres 140 square metres 7,000 litres / hour
2 Inch 6 metre 10 pieces 60 metres 240 square metres 12,000 litres / hour
22mm PerfoRain

Purely for domestic use. Its rectangular area of coverage makes even watering of lawn or vegetable gardens easier and more efficient than with the round area of a regular garden sprinkler or spray. The pipe is fitted with a coupling compatable with most Gardena and Raco type garden hose fittings.

25mm PerfoRain

Suitable for small scale horticultural projects and intensive plant nurseries. Its low cost and simple operation makes it ideal for start-up projects where initial capital is limited.

32mm PerfoRain

Ideal for tobacco seedbeds where a light precipitation (5 - 7mm) is applied daily, meaning regular moves of the spray at short intervals. Its total length of 35m nicely covers the length of a standard seedbed with an overlap each end. The small diameter means it remains relatively light weight even when full of water, so the whole line can be moved without having to uncouple the individual pipes, this makes movements easier and quicker while preventing excessive amounts of water being spilt on the ground - saving water and keeping mud in your site to a minimum. The pipes are joined using a flexible polyethylene joiner making movement of the complete line as fast and hassle free as possible.

2 Inch (51mm) PerfoRain

Suitable for horticultural crops, where a higher precipitation is applied less frequently (around 25mm every 4 to 5 days) meaning that application times are longer and less frequent. The long total length means that more area can be covered with one line, however this long length coupled with its large diameter makes the system quite heavy when full of water, meaning that each pipe has to be uncoupled for every move. The pipes are fitted with a quick release coupling and rubber lip seal to make connecting and disconnecting quick and simple.