About Us

Plowcon was established in 1969 with the invention of The Plowcon System®, the aim of which was to reduce the amount of water and power required to irrigate large areas of cotton and maize.

In 1997, 1998 and 1999, this system was used on the award winning crops grown by the ‘Tobacco Grower of the Year’.

Farmers all over Zimbabwe and Southern Africa now use this product for early development of a wide range of crops.

From these beginnings Plowcon (Pvt) Ltd has grown with new products each season.

Commitment to new development

Plowcon operates a policy of continuous improvement. The highly experienced development team constantly seeks ways to improve the products offered to our customers.
New technology and modern materials are combined to offer world-class equipment, tailored to the needs of our customers. With years of experience specializing in Africa, our designers develop products for the tough environmental conditions. From product conception to final project conclusion Plowcon offers products developed for long service life and ease of maintenance.

This proactive policy has allowed our company to remain in business throughout flood and drought. There is only one other irrigation company still trading after 40 years in Zimbabwe.

Core Philosophy

From design through to implementation, the products and process are designed to provide maximum benefit to our customers.

Our streamlined processes ensure we are the most competitive in the market, whilst only providing the highest quality of products and service.

In-house design and production maximises efficiency, reliability and availability of our products.

As an original equipment supplier we pride ourselves on our customer service and fair prices.