Who We Are

Plowcon is the leading designer and manufacturer of quality irrigation equipment for agricultural applications in Zimbabwe, having been in operation for 50 years as of 2019.

Self reliance derived from our comprehensive manufacturing and repair facilities, together with streamlined processes resulting from our managements proactive and hands-on approach, mean that we can supply our customers with the highest quality of products and service at the best possible prices, by cutting out the middle men between factory and field.

Our Core Product Range

Make the Most of Every Drop

With many years of experience in Zimbabwe our designers have developed and continue to develop products suited to various methods of irrigation aimed at maximum water & energy efficiency, ease of maintenance, and long service life under the toughest environmental conditions, helping our customers make the most of every drop.

Focus on Manufacturing

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer our focus is on exactly that, manufacturing equipment; we do not conduct site surveys or install irrigation schemes, however technical advice and design services are available on all our products through our offices in Harare, give us a call or email to set up an appointment.

Quality and Consistency

In order to ensure that the highest quality standards are adhered to, meaning that our customers can count on the quality and consistency that they demand, all our products undergo rigorous testing in our facilities and in the field before they make it to retail. Where possible we avoid selling products that we have not produced ourselves or at the very least had a significant role in value addition, however in the event that a particular system desgin requires a component that we do not produce ourselves we select only the best possible solutions from reputable suppliers.


The simplest solution for germinating seedlings, delivering a uniform distribution of water with a very small droplet size.

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Plowcon System

Accurate distribution and optimum delivery of water directly to the root zone of row crops, meaning efficient water use.

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Hard wearing sprinklers for agricultural and horticultural irrigation. Designed and engineered for best performance in the world's toughest environments.

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Piping Solutions

Portable or permanent-install pipes manufactured from aluminium, polyethylene or steel for field and mainline. The foundation of any irrigation system.

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Contact Us

Our offices are open Monday to Friday (except public holidays)
8.30am to 12.30pm and 2.30pm to 4.30pm for sales & order collections.
Technical advise on our products is by appointment only,
please call or email to arrange for this.

81 Plymouth Rd,

Call us: +263 73 136 2569
Call us: +263 77 236 2569
Write us: sales@plowcon.co.zw

Face the coming season confidently with Plowcon... with our comprehensive manufacturing facility in Harare we are self sufficient and flexible, capable of helping you establish and maintain effective irrigation schemes through innovation, commitment and reliability.